Monday, March 21, 2011


There is no transcendence.  Everything around the two figures facing each other is made more opaque with approaching night.  The dawning end of yesterday's superstitions matures into both figures noticing they still continue to stare into the eyes of one another.  No longer separated, but joined by a mirror reflecting only the image and appearance of one person.  

Thoughts express both a celebration and creation of ideas around the filling in of the division once claimed by transcendence.  Philosophical reflection of the literal made metaphoric and ontological mutters to the once dominating other in the looking glass of old,"Since your words are meaningless, what will be written from now on is meaningless.  Since you have offered nothing but answers that turn up empty, the creative expression will question and shape words upon structures that vanish.  And since despair is responded to with nothing but silence, then words will be less present for those who find it more difficult to listen."

- Max Stoltenberg

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