Sunday, June 5, 2011


"You shouldn't have come over," said 0. 
"I don't mind coming over to help," said 1.
"You don't mind a great deal," said 0.
"I try not to," said 1.
"Don't bring a third party into this," said 0. 

"I wasn't referring to to, uh, 2, number 2, that is, I was only referring to trying not to as in t, o, to," explained 1. "You can claim all the references you like here even though all things being equal and when they actually are things don't last very long due to lack of sense in all manner of things coming into focus simultaneously negates distinctions and makes one linguistic cataclysm that pushes more into the horizon of the event," stated 0.
"Event horizon, you mean," corrected 1.
"I don't mean anything," muttered 0.
"I already knew that," said 1.
"And when I am correct something else gets lost," remarked 0.
"What else is new?" said 1.
"Nothing, but you already knew that or I had to remind you," said 0.
"I thought I knew that, but you had to remind me, you did, and I then remind myself that I don't believe a word you say and that the only new things I encounter are the ways I discover to torment you," said 1.
"And that you do well, but maybe not for long or maybe to to not 2, the number 2, that is, that third party confuses those bloody agreements bloody agreements can't be undone extracted when they flow throughout your veins don't stop scratching both wrists and forearms to get it out force the issue the force of the issue would be something to see on the outside the internal world is so sneaky and for good reason.  Keep your hands to yourself should have been told to keep our insides to ourselves instead of spit it out young man to spit it out until just an old number with one hell of a damp smock to call a wardrobe," uttered 0.
"Are you going to let me in at last or am I going to remain on the front of whatever you call this," replied 1 as a glance was cast around a front that looked half destroyed.
"Couldn't make up my mind what to do with it and so it's half undone," said 0.
"Half finished, you mean," said 1.
"Half undone, but already didn't know that or disregarded that no accomodations for alternatives I think I should use that or I've been using that for years and never realized it no I haven't realized anything.  More not to come yet," said 0.
"Will you let me in at least through the door?  Or doorway?  What happened to your door?" asked 1.

They both stood there staring at the doorframe without a door.  The two strange numbers looked at each other for a moment.

"Well?  What's your reason for it being gone?  Don't tell me. It was never there.  After all the knocking and ringing and coming to your door I've done throughout," declared 1.
"You're one to talk," said 0.
"Yes, I am.  Is that all you have to say about this circumstance?" asked 1.
"Yes as a matter of fact.  I figure it's the only thing I could say that would ring true for you," said 0.
"Is that all you have?" wondered 1.
"That's about it.  All I have the closer one gets to just a symbol a sign of the times that circle nothing," said 0.
"Don't drag me into your inner chambers of rupture and controversion.  I won't be a party to it," insisted 1 as this number stepped into the open air abode of 0. 
"What have you done to this place?" asked 1 looking around.
"Nothing, but you knew that or thought you didn't," said 0.

1 looked up at the sky and then at 0 and at several holes in the walls throughout the room.

"No glass.  Where's the glass for your windows?" asked 1.
"Why be reminded of one's nothingness constantly or one's own nothingness, excuse my language," said 0.
"You hold nothing back," stated 1.
"And issue nothing in return," answered 0.
"Is that a hallway to the back or another opening to something else?" asked 1.

Both numbers in alternating feed moved a little towards the space that 1 spoke of. 

"Oh, that's not a wall," announced 0.
"Then what is it?" asked 1.
"Not a wall not a window not a recess not a room not a closet not an apse not a narthex not a thorax not a birth canal not a dead man walking just a realm that resists you with its absence," stated 0.
"I still think its a hallway or a prelude to an addition of some kind," replied 1 while moving away from it.

1 continued back into what appeared to be the main room and looked up at the sky again. 

"Do you see any stars at night?" asked 1.
"Sometimes think there's a dot that shines, but then notice it's just another disappearance of something.  Something winking winking out of existence and then it's back to it was never there.  That's what employs the time as it passes until darkness and light move by so quickly to become some kind of another reality of images trying to make a story to convince one mostly of there being a point maybe for someone but not here for this it all just falls in.  Don't have a leg to stand on get called on the carpet only to have it pulled out from under for no reason with no reasons to show for it but symbols and signs that demonstrate nothing and find that's the way they've been formulated to equal as all things being equal and that's when the floor seems to give way," said 0.

There was a terrific crumbling sound and shaking throughout the space.

"What is that?" asked 1.
"Nothing," said 0.
"What do you mean nothing?  It sounds like a huge quake!" shouted 1.
"I don't mean anything," said 0.
"We're falling into an abyss!" yelled 1.
"Don't be so dramatic.  It's just trying to split and divide from nothing and we all know how that turns out no matter how you figure it.  A shifting to create the impression of different variations on the same old formula," said 0.
"And this will continue to be the nature of our work together?" said 1.
"I told you you shouldn't have come over," said 0.

- Max Stoltenberg

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