Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Half the distance
Half the baking instructions
Half the moon
Turning the other cheek
As the world rotates again
Comes around to another day
of the same shit pouched between
your ass and gum

Half to death
Who said it was helpful 
Who cut the plug 
Allowing the airs out of her face
Half the marked up way to the halfway point
Dismissal adjourned
Until enough talking past each other
Misery scuffs company floors
Hallways and their fading light bulbs
Where the dragging of feet
Crushed under the pressure
a proactive initiation for bloody toes

Brain blinking stars fall
by your eyes thoughts burn out
with dying sparks plunging
half the distance to the ground
covered in the same shit
comes around to another day
as the world rotates again
landing on the next losing slice of the wheel

Pulling up pants half way
to the mid-section
never recovering 
guts retreating into caves of wasted nerves
Unable to obscure the exposed half-life
decaying adventures
breaking up into jobs
fractals of meaningless vision
lulled into expectations
vainly scattering bacteria

- Max Stoltenberg

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