Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Ripped shirt
business like any other
tie in the trash
morbid fecal cattiness
tepid drumstick chipping 
away at the smile
drying up stomachs
of care dripping with nausea
nasty naughty download
fingers tripping over ideas
trampling distraction
into the landscape

conveyed into the vanishing point
of the horizon's laminator
fuck tomorrow 
tomorrow fucks everything back

Toppled blocks of care
folded napkins
opened by gusts of death
gnawing at profiles
echoed back between
tongues hesitant now
hesitant still

boom and freeze
stick it to me
handling the chuckle
before it deems the needle
for drawing for taking
for withdrawing
for not exchanging
anything but the cause anything but the door
towards an analysis 
of progress hurtling us
forward to the place 
we want identify hide
that stuck menu
plastered with the clearing of our throats

- Max Stoltenberg

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