Friday, January 29, 2016


And then they separated for good for worse for themselves for each other's other standing by the counter waiting for that fly to land far enough away to hit it with the swatter without letting it know they were each of them was swatting at the fly that had landed on all those piles that surrounded what was left of their neighborhood draped in dry avoidant eyes that looked at dimmer displays while the student attempted to swallow and didn't answer the question was never very good at answering questions or posing them never was and don't think that will ever get much of even a little better ask away and they or each of them or only one of them or neither of them will tell you withhold or still won't know how to consider a casual walking by a lumbering by as you get a sense of your internal organs stealing the sheets from each other.

Existence is a bad idea way past its expiration date. And the bugs all along were not the nuisances swatting at each other with our dots and dashes and blanks. Imagine nothing. The apartment reeked of the future tense sniffing for an earlier smearing of the interior design fiasco.  Stretch these hands and wait and wait for no one to show up only look over your shoulder yeah right wigs are strewn all over the road between closed stores smashed windows hidden behind trees emaciated by time by each of them playing around them.  Grinding grinding grinding grinding grinding.

- Max Stoltenberg

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