Saturday, February 27, 2016


Are you going? who are you talking to? speaking with vehemence always liked that don't think it belongs there don't think we belong there don't think I belong here you just don't want to work hard enough and really have an impact you mean like I have on the plumbing in this building when I use the can the shitter I get what you're getting at as well as on my nerves and the recycle bin is there you go again letting yourself be distracted from from what? no I really want to know before the next little blue rectangle fades in in the corner which corner? the bottom right hand corner that's not where that happens then it must happen because you are disagreeing with about details you and your details just to keep me talking no just to keep you and as long as you are still here where did you go? a lock is there thought it was there between a leg of the chair and a leg of the table the only lock is the one that I have to sent a message to the 4th floor and wait who knows how long for  them to unlock it and then in the meantime they can heap their judgments on my head as it sinks down lower into the backs of my hands and they won't have to move and confirm your bloody accusations my bloody accusations? you and your warped sense of pretending to be all melancholy and nihilistic you know what you're right and just to prove it to you I'll lock myself in with their own lock my own lock and not ask anyone to open it not because I need them to let me back in to my mistakes, but just to throw myself into it and stay in my room that's what you want you're right that is what I want, but I have to fucking wait until your room is in another house another world you mean I already have that complaining about my fucking morose wanting to be alone and there we have it we you're talking to the wall I know the wall splattered with your snark are you? are you? spit it out I'm trying maybe an eye a complex or the whole damn brain will come out over the rim and splash into where it all goes and I'm sorry you're sick you're sorry you just want to it's your sorry ass way of asking me to be nice to you do something nice for you hold it in my hands and see how it responds to my attention I am an it you are it and who are you talking to? myself I knew all along I know I know and thanks for reminding me that these storage compartments taped together rub together try to hold on to each other and carry on a whatever you want to call it a back and forth a to and fro while you while it waits until the room is in another house another world you mean it means it.

- Max Stoltenberg

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