Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Dear F,

Last August was it? or July? or April was it? A couple of years give or take a life yours or mine can really fly with a motorcycle down that road now we're going down that one I guess, but before I do go down again this time which would be the let me think and I remember how you have always told me that was a dangerous thing to do. Imagine a thing doing that what was from before or after we tried that had too many of those chips and besides all the time in the bathroom there was all the coughing and choking and cutting my right hand on the razor wire that brochure had blown into the fence not out of my hands mind you from some other hands cut one of them on the razor wire trying to pluck out that brochure with the picture of hair green or yellow with that body growing out from under it with that sneer registering for not for it was registering that look of confusion you know the one where nothing registers no not a one signed up or showed up just an empty hallway not even a hallway just the desert that same blank stare of the planet indifferent towards you or whatever the hell we think we're doing. So let that be a lesson or one of those unteachable moments of which I have made sure to be a part of most of my life and see your way clear to return it when you're done with it done as in after the first 5 minutes after I gave it to you just leave it out behind your house far behind your house where the tracks are just leave it on one of the rails and if there is still a train that runs somewhere and makes its way out by you and the wind continues to never pick up again it'll just get cut in half or close to half.



Dear H,

I am beginning to realize again or keep realizing just less often even with not as much to drink that the only difference between you and me is that pronouns tend to pop up in the oddest places in what shits out of your mind and the damned grammatical particles tend to fall between the cracks in my mostly gas induced utterances come to think of it I do do a little of both which would mean that this only difference has suddenly dropped out the window and landed on who the hell knows what, but whatever the fuck you think you've gifted me with or tried to rid yourself of more likely I haven't the faintest only that I almost fainted last week or only a few hours ago it's hard to tell where I begin and where the mess on my desk ends or where to begin in ending this or ending it all all I do know is that I keep seeing wrists sinking in the water and then it gets harder to seem them through the clouds coming out of them colored with the soggiest of yarn. I thought there was a question in there somewhere and then the only one was that are you sure you want to quit and now it's like you wish that question never even was there you could just press delete or why did there have to be a button fans just swish the invisible around in the stinking mouth of it is what it is.



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