Monday, September 26, 2016


Unreliable medicated gestures
False north tied to 
epoxy wings
flapping about inside 
one's ears
sounds sounds 
unclear for today
tomorrow's portions 
of leftovers
greening and browning 
with webs of discrepancies 
been there before
been here 
not as certain 
as was originally thought 
oars in the soup sloshing onto the crotch
supposing to demolish
distanced by fantasy
talk to the palm and the thumb muscle
flexing in the scraping
of the TV tray abandoned 
by the empty room's forgetfulness
very bad paste stuck to the ceiling
where your stuck out neck
is stuck
dust from the fan 
blanketing the landscape
of your demoralization
what did the dog say?
almost like a profanity 
or an apology that it is
rehearsing for us
more gas escaping
out over its fur 
depending on the chatter
of forced enrollment 
bitter rims of packages
licked with the tongues 
peeking over mouths 
spilling embarrassment
and unbelieved memories
erased in withholding

- Max Stoltenberg

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