Saturday, May 21, 2011


Things had been up in the air for June and Mandrake.  Up in the air they had been between them.  For all the things that had fallen into place, so much still remained up in the air.  For all the things that had fallen into place, each place had opened up to become another space.  Another space for the thing that had fallen to fall through.  Each space for things to fall through led to another space for things to plummet towards another place to rest, but not for long.  Each place that things plummeted towards just became another place for things to fall into place, but not for long.  Not for long these places that things fell into became other spaces for things to fall through.  And these spaces that things fell through continued to fall towards other places and spaces.

June and Mandrake had so many things up in the air.  As long as they remained up in the air, they would not have those things they kept up in the air fall through.  They kept things up in the air to keep them from falling through.  To keep things from falling through spaces between places.

Mandrake:  What are you writing?
June:  Nothing.
Mandrake:  What do you mean "nothing"?
June:  Nothing.
Mandrake:  I've seen you doing something.  It must be something.  It can't be nothing.
June:  It has too many holes in it.
Mandrake:  Too many holes?
June:  Too many holes.
Mandrake:  And what does that mean?
June:  It doesn't mean anything.
Mandrake:  It doesn't mean anything?  Is that all right?
June:  That's just it.
Mandrake:  What's just it?
June:  That.  This.  Is just it.
Mandrake:  I'm not following you.
June:  It's untenable to follow when there's too many holes.  All that follows is a fall.  A fall into the abyss.  An abyss of holes and transparent landings.  Transparent landings that are full of more holes to fall through.  Landings that are full of rests interrupted by more holes and more spaces and more falling.  Plummeting and plummeting through the abyss. 
Mandrake:  Catch your drift.  Nothing to stare into.  Drifting into and below.  Turning things upside down accomplishes nothing, but the illusion things are moving up and out.  Except things keep coming up.  Things keep coming up and beyond our reach.  Things seem to be moving up, but they continue coming up and obscuring our view.  Obscuring our view and creating another barrier.  Another barrier of things that keep coming up.  Things that remain up in the air.

- Max Stoltenberg

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