Monday, October 31, 2011


What's needling the situation is broken inside and lurking about under the skin.  Running out the front door and down the stairs making it to the last step to step out onto the path running out the front door and down the stairs making it to the last step out onto the path running out the front door and down the stairs making it almost to the last step and stepping over the last step as the darkness opens and stretches along with the extending foot extending and extending the darkness the chasm the dark chasm extending beyond the reach of the foot the thought drops thought drops out of the bottom of the feet out of the bottom of the rectum out of the bottom of the stomach out of the bottom of the throat out of the bottom of the voice out of the bottom of the head leaving the top clinging to the last step.  So much for avoiding the last step this time.

The next injection has been ready overdue overdue cannot put it off as the split needle ruptures one vessel after another within.  Nothing is contained that once circulated.  All that is contained is what spills and spreads about from the split needle ripping apart as it goes.  The next injection has been self-administered as the hemorrhage makes another point.  Belabored to say the least.  Is that an organ moving about unattached within?  Ingested something extra something saturated with something once liquid now shavings of needles in a cushion breathing in and out the next injection working its way throughout under the skin.  

What was once witnessed from the outside is only experienced from the inside trapped within this punctured flesh.  Feet pounding the steps and paths of stairs and doorways leading out onto dark chasms is thread back together with the next injection with a split needle mended by logic's addiction to impatience and hastily connected circuits looping into unremitting pursuit of a way out from under the ceiling of this punctured and sewn together flesh draping down in front of eyes filling with blood and thoughts swimming in contents opaque with decomposition.  Within these walls within these cells ruptured and closing in upon themselves needles fractured and coiled into wire wrapped on both sides of the fleshy border that expands and emaciates with inflammation and decay sewn back together by the threads these threads that carry the all too comprehensible themes that loop under over and under the skin leaving more holes and refilling and repuncturing with metal both cold and hot and cold stinging numbing nodes collapsing with its weight unable to crawl out from under the pressure of the next injection of being being injected from above and below and without and within.

- Max Stoltenberg

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