Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Discarded in a canyon
Crumpled airplanes roll over
In the bed made
Made over
Made over
Obverse mad
Soup is the wish
Extinguished by words spellchecked
Madly nailed
Sadly hammered
In regressive patterns
Florid extensions of the mind
pulled apart
like gum of a brain
thoughtless capacity

towards the knobs
Multiplying the clash
within the cloudy bowl
swirling with torture
tortured Tortured massaging
lifting the tone
disbarred a plenty box
smaller than her neck
can emerge and use
less lead in time 
by nearness to the abusing 
rotation scheduled for 
no one is really enjoying
just pretending when forced
to stay behind
the backs not implicated

Bubble bath she may 
that time forming from her lips
a prelude to pregnant transparency
her arm inside the goldfish chamber
of her womb

Father chokes down more ink
obscuring his chest to little and big

Time release punctuation
Capsules of unhelpful expression
Crosswinds between their ears
separate sides of what was
sinking into the degraded floor
cannot hold their figures
done and askew
fingernails skip from blindspot to
no use the hem 
except barefoot descending
her fingers brittle awkward
leave her hat in the puddle
clogged with blackened heel
down the street
clogging stopping puddles

- Max Stoltenberg

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