Thursday, February 16, 2012


The same watery smokey images words
Emerge in the abdomen
Like a knot that won't untangle
When so much has 
already been undone

that back
that back

Trapped air
Is making its way
Up the ranks
and this is how it ranks
Like walls covered in mold

What an atmosphere
Folding in on itself

Elbow on the desk
top that off
and spill the milk as
bad as bad

Blink until less
has disappeared
to hide the crowding
of nonsense
nesting in the beard
without a trim
getting for getting

Reading glass case
dropped by irregularly clipped
fingernails until more
musical notes are taken out

almost ready for
unprepared routine
of muscular cries
for an empty drink

Quarter of an apple
brown and tinged also
with the ink of a 

Vague shapes of events
getting for getting
The same vague shapes
of the obstinate events
clinging to bristle blocks
making its way
up the cracks
columns wet
with a nose dive
splitting head aches
bouncing off the special effect
with the rest to rest
wedged in repetition

Dimmed by blinking
until less has disappeared 
to conceal the buried
trunk of lunacy

almost ready for 
the walk
the wandering
from the decayed box
aimlessly through the soil
building up in the corners
of eyes

- Max Stoltenberg

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