Thursday, February 6, 2014


Thoughts are bogged down again and slowing to that of a collective slug. Hopelessness circulates through veins infected with the language of unity. The herd is compromised and no longer safe. Searching for new software while kicking against the old hardware dusty with both neglect and arrogance. Content rich parasites over-nourished by inflamed nodes musing their way into programs and no longer open squares. Crowding once independent walls with their fumes of the presumptuous.

Flooding networks with contributions pretending not to be pornographic stroking to issue forth the ejaculations of approval and spread the contagion of obeisance. Logic is bastardized into discrepant and imbalanced forms of deference. Rupture is replaced with an invocation of the objective. Dialectic is dragged through the human waste and odor of unjustified supervision. Devoid of negation, it violates the young and old with the aversion of decomposition.

Air fuels brain cells infiltrated with poetry that has been afflicted with the fraudulence of rhyme. Nothing lines up anymore as margins are narrowed into pipes of disposal. Clogs of gestures shaved by self-censorship harden and slow down the leaks of long forgotten transcendence. The putrid sink echoes with the deep scanning of your viruses, cleaning out the last vestige of sense. Dystopian film refusing to be wiped by one's blackened thumb. The underbelly of fingernails are collecting shafts of thinning light - light that is fainter than the program which yearns to remain. To be considered as it fades to its darkest consolidation. Closing into the final oblivion of blackest nothing. Shut forever by misunderstanding.

- Max Stoltenberg

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