Friday, February 28, 2014


Plates stacked in the reverse order
In which the guests were poisoned
In which the squirrels asked for
here it comes
the occasion for a broken headset

breath with a rock in its wall
enmeshed with bending to its 
unforeseen resignation to its
unbeknownst plain speaking codger
whose chair has fallen back
no forward
it was forward
had to be forward
why had to be
well it was like this
jaw dropping to webcam
another boil rising to the surface
of the forehead 
play with the skin folded into 
gardens dead and gone
faded into clouds of throat clearing
mention her and it will bring on
the throat clearing temptations
hair tangled into a dark canyon
where cool retreats give up
the heat of embarrassed sounds
didn't even get to open the mouth
forked tongue and the utensils
of torture rinsed with excuses
sliding off the cliff in a dream
waking up to a broken fast 
from day from night
braking before the red bricks
under eyes crusted with mortar
I am closing them again
and opening the curtains
on the plains there's a swelling
of the flowering garbage
had to be that of course
of the course
of a plain swollen with plenty
of waste had to be that 
of course 
of the course of a plain 
plain fact

- Max Stoltenberg

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