Thursday, July 31, 2014


Looking for a list
Inside the lost measuring stick
inside the off head
severed from some body
and lying in a box
so much lying

Twice not three times
by the fourth broken expectation
swells in the cap 
toppling another wig
replaced by the next graft
less a line

less a line

working on it the wiggling room
smaller and slowing
denied death
inherit the incurable
spreading to the size
of an oleaginous life

They had followed the crumbs into the woods from a sandwich she had been eating when they heard the backdoor slam shut. One spoke of their fear of insects another of what they thought might happen to a fashion designer and two of them compared their experiences of trying to copulate in the dank underground tunnel system underneath an abandoned mental hospital as they busied themselves in conversation until one of them most likely the one with the most acne had noticed they had been following a different trail of crumbs.

"I wasn't really into it until she mentioned the thing about what was that thing?"
"Whatever it was that you were really into piqued your memory apparently."
"Who would do that to their privates?"

Perhaps at this point it should be obvious that your attention would best be drawn to that person who shall remain unable to enter the banter was a doleful and habitually morose ass-picker who found himself rarely pleased when examining his hands with a sniff. He then stood awkwardly with his mitts held in front of him as if he had just dropped something and the sound of its shattering demise would awake the world into a overwhelming denouncement of his existence. He insisted that that it was the structure of his crack that made it difficult to make satisfactory wipes after sloppy shits that were the order of the day no matter how he kept his diet the same colorless menu day after day after day after day after after colorless the same colorless menu same day same colorless menu day day day after colorless same colorless menu day after day after after the truth of it was is still is poor bastard day after day after the truth of it is that it was the structure of his crack in his mind that made it difficult to make satisfactory wipes after sloppy shitting upon from those who used up all the time with taking their time unzipping and zipping and unzipping and letting it all fall out a #2 cornucopia of feces to pour down on those who held out their mitts before them as if they had just dropped something no picking no longer necessary.

"They used the idea of selective selective or -"
"You're referring to their underlings?"
"Selective listening?"
"Not their underlings. I'm speaking of gonads not any military nomenclature."
"You excel in selective interrupting."
"That's what you've been getting at all this time selective interrupting."
"They are going to damage themselves with those objects."
"That is not what I have been getting at. How would you like me to hit you with a plate?"
"They are going to damage those objects with themselves."
"What plates? There aren't any plates out here."
"When I rejoin things it's just a series of meetings."
"Selective what then?"
"She had that look on her face."
"And did this consist primarily of people and their surreptitious intersections?"
"That's what happens. You end up with a selective fill in the blank when you pop in and out of it."
"What sort of look? Was it like she really did enjoy it after all?"
"Around a table a conference table."
"I engaged in no such popping in and out."
"Her shoulders came up as if they were going to squeeze her head right off. Just as I told her that the icetrays might have been in just long enough to get a thin layer on the top she shrugged again and retracted one of her fingers in a rather disappointed fashion. Did you? Yes, she said."
"Speaking of plates."
"Speaking of gonads."
"Speaking of meetings."
"My uncle the one with the strange scar by his right eye found a frisbee and when he lifted it up he revealed an elbow."
"How long was it?"
"I think they've dissolved into everyone's lack of availability."
"Was some goofball sleeping under that frisbee you know attached to the elbow?"
"Without stimulation?"
"Dissolved into everyone's lack to put it bluntly."
"Just an elbow by itself."
"Hand, paper towel cardboard tube, or beanbag chair?"
"Everyone's been repeatedly hit with a bluntly."
"She had nice elbows."
"Beanbag chair? Are you kidding?"
"Can you describe a bluntly for me?"

"I've never told you about her. I don't know why her elbows stand out to me now? We met on a boat that sank. It wasn't completely my fault. The only bucket I could find had no bottom."
"His scar was very distinct. It looked like a kite being flown from the corner of his right eye."
"I never had a kite."
"You didn't miss much with telephone wires and trees."
"Just tell me how many inches."
"Everyone was given credit to get their own bluntly."

They came they came upon soft ground made by their digging and their burying imitating upheavals I knew a man named Lava and that's all I know about him. They came they came upon soft ground made by their digging and their burying imitating upheavals I knew a man named Rubber I could have been mistaken about that one and that's all I know about him except the woman who was always with at least on the few occasions I bumped into him and I do wish I could have known her more she had a beauty that was dimming probably due to the way he treated her at least that much that I saw never knew her name before her light went out or flickering somewhere near where they came they came upon soft ground made by their digging and their burying imitating upheavals.

Introductions exit
leaving monitoring
mistakes discovered
not what remains 
in hardening dirt

- Max Stoltenberg

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