Friday, July 29, 2011


Among other things
Where did we get off to?
To stress our points
And get lost in the rows of chairs

Moving from halls
To chambers and basements
Fluorescents spraying their territory
From circles to squares
Cross section of a breast
Her breast revealing ice trays
Capsized and shattering cubes on the tile
And bruising bare feet

Battered and pregnant
Jarred awake from our growth
To be among other things
Consciously hampered in the mud

Wrists swollen with pausing
Among other things
Among us
Another sword is born
Brandishing among other things
Across these wrists
Palms displayed upward
The sacred leaks down one's thigh
Sitting in it
Among other things

Vaguely the lake
Fills watery eyes with chords
Responding evaporates
Swallow another gulp of empty
Air whispering hollow promises
Swish the lake drains
Between pages
As the binding separates
Half a story in each hand
Each hand both hands
Thump to the floor with a groan
From wrists busted hinges
Turning on their betrayal
Velleity chirped by the birds
Leaving for food that eludes them
Among other things

- Max Stoltenberg

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