Thursday, July 14, 2011


Had it with over there.  By the way had it with over here.  Had it with here and there.  Had it with over.  Had it with never being over.  Ridiculous calm down walk away take a walk let the nonsense vaporize as feet take the rest around the corner nothing to go around nothing to turn just make an adjustment an adjustment adjust it yourself and get back to the rest of us with the rest of the whole mess.  Vaporize yourself and we take care of the rest each other yeah right each other living on our own taking care of ourselves each other right yeah right oh yes believe it hope in it and get back to us when you can get off the ground and out of the tall heaping pile of bullshit horseshit birdshit babyshit baby talk talking shit and nodding off as your thing veers to the left to the right your thing this thing you call whatever you call it you believe in tell yourself keep telling yourself yourself yourself yourselfishness get down off your high horse of horseshit.

Stay up there for all we could care less capable less wanting with more want to care less lots of want less want less is of that thing again keep it up there as you yank it up there to be with you on your horse your domestic thing domesticated violence nice going around nothing to go around no turning any corners only the corner of this room the walls absorb more words and take more light with them had it with pictures still so still and so dead had it with pictures they only cover how much the walls absorb of this aging this aging thing you are not building but taking away take it with you up on your high horse up there domesticated and domestic domesticated violence they never came back to hold one last time the holding as the colors of their clothes those little clothes get sucked into the walls the pictures had it with pictures that cover where the colors go into the walls and leave only a trace of all the cover ups and mess ups and hang ups all the hang ups around the uppity so uppity people staying up there on their high horse domesticated in their domestic violence staying up who told them to do that?  Was it what was it turn it there are no more turns just adjustments little tiny squeaky screechy squealing reeling adjustments from all the reeling and getting nowhere so fast so slowly so so eh don't know you really don't know don't want to and we the dissolving we dissolving in your flooding wash coming out in the wash it's nothing but a wash it's nothing as wanting with all that is wanting and wanting more wanting less caring less don't know what that means tomorrow it will be a little better until looking up to see you up on your high horse domesticated in your domestic violence those little clothes in pictures on the walls covering the colors getting sucked into the walls dry greasy blank discolored walls on the surface one level at a time with more underneath not enough time to dig with fingers writing spreading the chest lungs apart to get what's left out and into the space before the walls take it all.

- Max Stoltenberg

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