Sunday, August 14, 2011


lowercase to start and lowercase to end
nothing but a title
journeys are errands
errands are journeys
split by increasing and decreasing quantities
balancing legs
tires that tire of what?

questioning questions
further up
to go
to stop
chipping away at paths
with sandals
trays for collecting
that those
this caught
in grooves
logging regularity
confining regularity

Harder to breathe and yet the air is somehow different higher up and conversation is evaporated by less air more movement slowing upon only a small hill how small how big medium in its there it has some absorbing imperviousness.  Sense and and shoulders packing thoughts accumulating and disappearing in a steaming tea cooled by the wind stirred by no answers stirred and rippling through each other's clothes sticking and drying in a stiff expanse.  What they had remembered what they had forgotten what they had brought with them that they wished to stretch out their arms to throw away and what they had left behind that they wished to stretch out their arms to embrace again just one more time just one more.

More clarity brought them lightheadedness in the terrain that was far from seeing through to the what brought feet, hands, heads, mouths, and other objects together for the for undone necessarily determined by its subconscious unconscious suggesting everyone had an idea in their silence in their way and they were in the way. 

Bastion:  How much longer?
Clipp:  Frett said they knew.
Frett:  What gave you that idea?
Dorsal:  Thought that Plex knew.
Plex:  Someone's avoiding something.
Clipp:  Or just focusing too much on one thing.
Frett:  Or not enough things.
Dorsal:  See, this is what happens when an overabundance of time is spent together.
Plex:  Wasn't this scheduled because alone time was impeding cohesiveness and influencing one another?
Clipp:  Weren't concerns expressed regarding the ways in which influences were being communicated or transacted between spaces those pockets or moments?
Frett:  Like the use of the word "transacted" makes it sound more appropriate and formal like.
Bastion:  Anyone have any insight into how much longer?
Plex:  Until what?
Bastion:  Until what?
Clipp:  Take it easy, it's a fair question. 
Dorsal:  Need to clarify terms, you know. 
Frett:  Making mention of it now that it's mentioned uses or makes use of how it's used or what way it's being mentioned or what is being done about it at the moment those moments between being mentioned or used or what are the rules before anything else so it can be determined what game is being played.
Plex:  Ideas like that are going to get you to the top.
Frett:  Thank you very much for that.
Plex:  To the top of this hill and alone talking to yourself.
Frett:  Is that what was meant?
Clipp:  It's balance isn't it?
Plex:  Balance?
Clipp:  Yes, isn't it?  Balance the alone or together too much or too little overabundance or scarcity?  Or maybe not.  Told so many times how its when being caught off balance that things change or the same accidents keep happening and there's more recovering and uncovering and covering up to be starting and stopping with all the damage fallen onto the paths and they all lead up and down cross each other until everyone gets too cross for taking another step that puts one in another lane facing the other way against the flow and when turning around and going with the flow just makes one aware of how worthless one's limbs one's mind is after surrendering.  Not enough are the words that are implanted in one's nervous system and blocks over that too much has already been done and undone as all we are is being used.

Bastion sat down on a rock by the edge and looked over the deep canyon below and as his question continued to be navigated away from he tried to think of someone else he used to have dialogues with and what she used to say and what she looked like.  Before he was ushered back into the group's banter he saw her holding her hand in a tiny waterfall and then it quickly turned into puzzle pieces being knocked off a table in response to a voice demanding something about doing something nothing being done.

Clipp:  No one's answered your question, Bastion.  Have they?
Bastion:  No.  No they haven't.
Frett:  What was it by the way?
Bastion:  (sigh) How much longer?
Frett:  That's right.  That was the question.  How much longer until what?
Bastion:  Until we're finished?
Dorsal:  We're already pretty much finished, I think.
Plex:  We've had so many signs we were told about and that we've seen along the way that it won't be much longer.
Clipp:  I don't know.  No matter how much gets finished how much gets done there is always more.  Toys nothing but toys put together taken apart used and given away to the less fortunate so easy to give up as the loss for words leaves you watching them play with used toys and these toys have their own toys that its some kind of given that the toys play with their toys in their still poses until there is that some kind of given that they moved when they've been used.

- Max Stoltenberg

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