Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Waves of warmth alternate with dullness

bringing it down up is sometimes desired and indecision between the next paragraph if it is a paragraph that is wanted a paragraph mapping out coordinates of some space of something trying to say something trying to attempting failing to address locations of

starting with what follows
to be followed and caught
into the storm
was that the last calm
pause of wind?

Normally or abnormally yes abnormally when put that way descending from rows of figures of speech no just figures and their silhouettes that placed on a space that paragraph again won't go away not yet or ever until something attempts again to try something else mumbling something meaningless whispering there it goes

whispers bending branches
into pain and its formulas
of motion moving the deceived
to the closer hill
before the sunrise
and its net
wasn't what I was not expecting

uncertain differences
same thing
same thing

Sat across from her gown that smelled of medicine and thread does thread have an odor of what gets on it or comes out of it or the patterns it forms.  Dosages and taking it taking it always taking it never missing a dosage of what they say to continue

and to continue

Not another one just yet and she knows where the return or turn to the next row will come when it comes when will color change if it changes when it changes staying the same for a whole patch of something taking up space and taking it taking it every dose of what they say to take to continue

and to continue

Not another one just yet and she knows and the younger opposite her who will be the older opposite herself beside herself knitting and squinting to make the threads of what matters as matter come closer together and not stay dissolving her world sometimes dissolves but the younger one opposite her and soon to be the older so soon the older opposite her opposite herself beside herself knows she knows not another one just yet and she knows it is what is inside her that is dissolving and her organs parts of her organs squint to keep it all closer together in vain.

In vain from row to row
Relating interconnecting
The structure of something
To wear or give away
Was to wear
Only now to give away
Keeping it as she
Is dissolving away
and inside

- Max Stoltenberg

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