Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Was that in step or was that out of step?  Was that from next door down the hall or outside?  Was that can that do that was that put off for a little while a long while too long was that?  Was that can that do that was that in line on line off line crossing the line was that drawn in blood what blood from where was that?  Was that the nerve close to it the last next to last was that?  That this pissed was that pissed when was that?  Was that directed at that directed at this was that?  Was that a question on the table or under it was that?  Can that be now can that be then this then can be then now for stuff like that there?  Was that the room where was that it that was room for some space to room with this no longer this but that was that?  None of that now some of that then was that the case all that is the case was the case was that?  Was that it was it that it was some of this some of that was the sum total of all this none of this nonetheless was this then that what was what was it what was nothing more than this somewhat more than expected or less than what has come to become much less of what was then and there not here not what it was?  Could that was that that was could have been in the head on a page was that written or spoken or taken out left in watered down was that watered down with nothing left to add?  Was that equated with when things some things added up before this subtracted that added then watered down a wash all a wash washed away with what was the tide of the times no time for tides just was that acceptance that was this smoothing out of the waters the wash the watered down for no tides to give was that a given was that taken for granted nothing granted was that it was that the next thing next to last the last step taken cues confusing cues given was that a message no messages was that was that it not even somewhat what was that was somewhat coherent the next step was that determined was that decided when was that decided what was that that was what was decided or left undecided was that a left was that a right was that straight was that a little just a little scenic no time for that was that a scene that was written or spoken or without words that was was that was that look a look of possibility or a look of despair that was put down on this or put down on that what was put down or forced down by force was that force was it agreed to somewhat that was somewhat disagreeable was that that was put forth to put forth more force down more effort until what was that that it was was equal to zero was one was more than that once one was that what was and now is a multiplicity of what has been taken taken for granted granting nothing circling this pencil into a round number round symbol for no amount of something not even somewhat what was that was was that positive was that negative was that only nothing to be concerned about was that nothing to be concerned was that ushering in unconcern for nothing more than what was was that crossing the line underlining underscoring no score settling for more or less traces of what was that line that circles no amount of endless grief that was that that is was that grief lined with the flat line extending on was that a blip every so often was that as often not as often as what was along the flat line extending on.

- Max Stoltenberg

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