Friday, September 2, 2011


Dark black dog lying down in the dark the black dark with a dark black dog lying down somewhere very old and very dark black dog resting somewhere on the bottom of the darkness the black darkness very old and very tired and very weak and very interrupted with legs dark black legs shaking and twitching inside some dark dream inside this dog's dark black head this dog dreaming and running from something could that be it could that be what is happening to this dog this dark black dog's body inside it's dark black head inside on the bottom of this darkness somewhere on the bottom.

Listening for a sneeze a rustling noise from the black dog in the darkness where sound is absent smothered somewhere under thick blankets of this darkness black darkness seeping through the folds the starless folds bathed in the atramentarious.  No sound not a sound and yet life the dog's life places itself along the surface of the unnoticed.  Will this will will go unnoticed until it is noticed by feet that trip over and stumble in the dark the black dark at the bottom of this pit of the nightfallen pausing in muffled breathing breaths narrowed shallow below capacity capacity that floats up to the surface or gets tangled in the algae of thoughts in a corner dark corner menaced by thickened walls of the labyrinth sinking to the bottom the deep blackened bottom to press down on the dark dog's weakened lungs pressing out what life stays up in canine dreams and scenes where what light timidly suggests the possibility of a mediation to enter is snuffed out to darken the last gap the last void of darkness fit to be resigned to as two steps attempt to become re-acquainted with each other trying not to bother to startle the dark black dog aging even more as it chases and gets chased in its dream which one is it which one?

- Max Stoltenberg

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