Sunday, September 4, 2011


All right all right hold on stop repeating running through this familiar encounter running through us thus jumbling it all together all right all right hold stop where was the point of entry exit exiting for just a short walk that might extend as far as that this wall.  Fill in fill something in a picture of something towards some idea of something someone some less of some more of what passes for that which passes gases out of asses more chronicles from the bottom closed and closing slowly ever so less than poetically poetry has no time for this shit or maybe it does when is not known as the pieces missing whole sections chunks of passages links between subsections and subparagraphs fine print all caps to shout at the sky the blue film drawn over caged drawings.

Drawer #1: Was that water?
Drawer #2: It doesn't last long or too long.
Drawer #1: Where is it coming from?
Drawer #2: Leaking or pooling.
Drawer #1: Is it coming from outside or inside?
Drawer #2: Dehydrated or inundated.
Drawer #1: Precipitated or fluoridated.
Drawer #2: That's more like it.
Drawer #1: More like what?
Drawer #2: Stock answers.
Drawer #1: More interested in the questions.
Drawer #2: More interest accrues for those who have invested in the stock answers.
Drawer #1: And who are those?
Drawer #2: Something to do with an arrangement an arrangement of furniture and spaces and the nature of disagreement and the nature of interest and the naturalness of fascination with interesting things gathered and carried around in sacks of personal interest and the nature of the somehow when one sack was let go and what spilled out was hosed away by forgetfulness when between installments and updates of protocol brief periods of flushing of more replacements while transitions from one protocol to the next as names of those who used to be around and use the furniture drift off like smoke making their getaway while they can before the next arrangement some smoke some line not so thickly pressed disappearing and reappearing in a mind that is sometimes working and sometimes not working on what is the world and what is the room and what is the room and what is the world and what is the wall as far as the wall.
Drawer #1: And how long has this been going on?
Drawer #2: Since the loop was started to make more room for the traffic to orbit around the enclosed area so it can be expanded into more enclosed areas.
Drawer #1: And that's the plan?
Drawer #2: So to speak.  Grab that book over there.
Drawer #1: Over where?
Drawer #2: Over there.
Drawer #1: This one?
Drawer #2: No, the other one.
Drawer #1: This?
Drawer #2: No, that.  The bigger one next to the ashtray.  Yes, that.  Turn to, think it's page 1214.  Wait, actually, it's page 1412 or 1421.  Try both and see which one it is.
Drawer #1: Page 1421 says, "Typically word has it beginning with the nature of those who work themselves into a corner and are often identified as being perfect for their positions for corners and niches digging ditches digging graves for those like them the less fortunate like them more fortunate than them like them unlike them as word would typically have it beginning with the nature of those previously mentioned those memorialized on tracking lists until they are thrown into the box in the corner for the to be shred."  Who the hell writes like this?
Drawer #2: Who the hell knows?  Couldn't find where the author is on the front at the back or maybe it's all over by matter of implication.
Drawer #1: By matter of implication? What does that mean?
Drawer #2: Don't know.  Just made that up kind of like most of what's in there.  Anyway, that was the wrong page.  Then, it has to be page 1412.
Drawer #1: Should have said so earlier and save a lot of grief.
Drawer #2: Grief can never be saved only buried. 
Drawer #1: Page 1412, "The passenger buckles down for the drive as the driver tests the vehicle's adherence to the wheel that turns with the loop testing how it hugs the road hugs its curves testing the shape the room the room for them while it is new while there is still room before the testing spreads to others alleviating traffic elsewhere and filling the space on the loop.  Along the way, the passenger might remind the driver of where their exit is to re-enter the enclosed space of their town the town expanding the plan."  See, it's all about the plan.
Drawer #2: Very perceptive.  Read on.
Drawer #1: "The passenger might also remind the driver to turn on the radio where (see page 1421) what is what word will typically refer to as the nature beginning with what starts as shortcuts end up being dead ends and so forth as far as routes go or don't go or end up being end up dead ends."  Which begs the question depending on whether it's worth asking in the scheme of things and stock answers hovering about.
Drawer #1: Take a whack at it.
Drawer #2: Would it fall too shy of the objective to consider how this evokes the sense of confusion when entering another room with others and not knowing who the conversation is regarding?

One prompted the other to keep reading on the matter.  And the other prompted the one before to continue prompting the reminders the landmarks the same stains on the walls and the conspicuous efforts to remove them never removing them just ignoring them pretending they weren't there pretending where they weren't was that which they could be reminded of and the result of driving with the top down and feeling the air the hot air returning to the spaces and passages of recirculating air.  One prompted the other to keep reading on the matter.

- Max Stoltenberg

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