Monday, September 12, 2011


Now there is a point with its quill going right through the hardcover softcover flaccid cover shivering with being penetrated.  Slowly making for the ice maker in the garage what in the world is it doing in the garage?  Put there when the roof leaked no the roof never leaked it was instead what was instead following the second hand around its course its online course following the seconds with a spray can dusting the dust and to no avail.  When did that turkey maneuver the conversation toward beds and steamrollers?  Crouched in the shingles with the shingles singing a tuneless unkempt mop of a ditty:

They played organs on their last legs
Last legs for playing
and being played
Lift up a flap and flap it over
Mouths that have dispensed with
nothing connoting a point
on their last legs
no last legs
no first legs
no middle legs
between are the flaps
lift a flap and flap it over
mouths that have dispensed with
nothing connoting a point
on their last legs

They stared at each other in front of the television show on the computer on the desk on the patio on something that made them especially distracted and even more contentious than usual nothing usual or even about as far as the turkey was concerned.  The man the woman the man the woman asked implored deplored the man the woman to stop waving the turkey breast the turkey over the globe the demanding globe or the turkey's reprimand the breast's reprimand. 

What channel was this?

Switch switch.

They sat still in their still life as commercials moved over them.

What channel was this?

Leave it.  The turkey breast the turkey the breast that breast thumb muscle petrified.  Dropping popcorn on the couch digging fingers in between cushions stilling the still life into the gaze at the show of the show at at of the show of the show the gaze of the show.

- Max Stoltenberg

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