Wednesday, September 14, 2011


After the promotion this promotion that went through through the proper channels extra channels that others cannot seem to find even when they think they have looked hard enough.  Beyond the nonsense is a dark black screen shut off and shut down system shut down here to tell them these things they don't seem to listen to never take these words or anyone's words that they think haven't a clue they don't take those words seriously not even close.  Too close for comfort when it they get too close it is time high time to stem the tide and gather all the stems that haven't completely shriveled up yet the not completely shriveled and make the way up the rope ladder up into the command center the big wooden box planks of wood the planks in these eyes for splintering the looks stuck in these eyes that keep flashing like the fireworks show many years ago went to before uncle was less disagreeable than mother the monster the seaweed all the seaweed that could not hide her tentacles wrapping around shoulders or waist makes no difference now to try to sort it all out like trying to fish out that fish the last bit of money out of the bowl with all that floating in it during that day or two of diarrhea or three make it four days of emptying this body and never the command center all the lights yelling out orders and commands rolling up the rope ladder and making sure it never falls down keep the sea monster out with all her algae that can't possibly hide those enormous bloody tentacles that wrap so tight and suck out so much amazing that even now up in the command center with its planks these eyes splintering out the after flashing of all the looks the looks and the teeth chattering with demeaning chatter wear the enamel off but the teeth remain the gums bulge and the teeth chatter demeaning chatter up in the box the wooden box up and away don't knock the rope ladder back down and let the seaweed wench and all her minions some call them coworkers what a misuse of indecent semantics anti-semantic it is won't be fooled up in the command center up in the tower wish it was bigger trying to watch these legs inside on the planks to not kick accidentally kick the rope ladder down no time for that no time for an accident didn't bring a change of clothes again and they have nothing here in this ill equipped station remote from the place found behind that building no one knows about no police there haven't been there recently they haven't won't mention where if they are checking these notes always checking with their trackers and keystrokes looking over the shoulders rope ladder ain't never coming down stay up here in the tower open no more for no one up in the tower not really enough room up here especially with all the sparking these thoughts those thoughts inside and out sparking away like those fireworks uncle was less disagreeable only smacked with one hard smack only once or maybe it was twice make it four not so less disagreeable but less disagreeable than the seaweed tentacled bitch that shouldn't exist anywhere on the land don't knock down the rope ladder or returning to the ocean where the sea mother from hell would turn the tide to steam and destroy everything yet another event for the books would disintegrate the rest of the books no more trips to the library asking people asking not asking demanding ordering with their sanctions to leave the library not there very long anyway any way at all out of this maybe not except for the way up into the command center the tower never coming down keeping these legs inside feet curled up toes curling into shriveling stems that used to stem the tide now they will stay up here under these feet to keep them from accidentally kicking down the rope ladder maybe better to burn the rope ladder flames are certainly more entertaining than sparks all the sparking of the thoughts inside outside the sparking thoughts of when uncle slapped the napkins out of the left hand only trying to wipe the blood from the nose bloody tentacles can't exist anywhere not safe on the land or in the ocean not safe burn the rope ladder and let the flames overwhelm the sparks the sparking thoughts up here in the tower burn the tower the whole tower overwhelmed.

- Max Stoltenberg

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