Sunday, November 6, 2011


How rice got on the brochure he was about to throw in the paper recycle was subject to change.  On the subject of change it had nothing to do with the price of rice in the county by suspicion only residences put upon within the limits of their destinations.  Changing the subject was easy only when the subject at hand changed hands and had nothing to do with being thrice swallowed and regurgitated beyond the skeptic's stream of piss.

Rifling through offers in the box the insert in the bottom right hand corner of the mailing splashed with darker reds and oranges than before stabbed the recognition with looking extraordinarily like his friend's dentist's sister the one with the golden blouse filled with meeting many criteria.  Had someone alerted him of her death recently or not so recently.  What a pillaging of the Earth, the death of women.  

The silent darkness of the universe lowers its posterior analytics on the rim of the atmosphere.  The maelstrom is set to cycle a heavy load that clings to the walls and holes of the cylindrical theater.  The three of them once four previously six once nine before they were joined by one of their parents formerly in law enforcement until discovering horticulture's possibilities the abacus fell out of the fifth individual's hands as they took the back stairs and it tumbled noisily down to the next balcony below.  This instigated a discussion of an indisputable aversion to entrepreneurship within the minds of most in the balcony above as posited by the embittered silhouettes who populated the balcony below.  

Jalkratch: What possessed you to bring mashed potatoes?
Bornquilvokitiv: I didn't want to pay extra.
Addimen: Good thing no one caught you.
Bornquilvokitiv: I know someone in security who enlightened me in regards to their monitoring rotation schedule.
Jalkratch: Really? How can you stand cold mashed potatoes?
Bornquilvokitiv: Someone else I have become acquainted with in the ticket office told me there is a microwave in the back of the 4th balcony that's only on during the intermission or was it the second act, shit, I can't remember now.
Addimen: Wouldn't it be easier to just bring a sandwich?
Bornquilvokitiv: The only sandwiches I like have to include pork but there's been a trichinosis scare and I left my Mebendazol tablets at my apartment on the kitchen counter next to the electric can opener.
Jalkratch: I freakin' hate when that happens.  
Bornquilvokitiv: Sure, mock me, but you'd be glad to have thought of bringing the mashed potatoes if you made the same oversight.
Addimen: What kind of drama have we committed to seeing tonight?
Jalkratch: Besides seeing to it what switches to flip in the dark to reheat leftovers I would say its a tragedy.
Bornquilvokitiv: Did you read the synopsis?
Addimen: He never reads the synopses.  You should know that about him by now.
Bornquilvokitiv: Oh, that's right.  I believe you mentioned that glancing at the synopsis is similar to peering into the dimness of an ultrasound for "neither have yet to enter the true harshness of reality from the comfortable fishbowls they inhabit."
Addimen: I beg to differ with you there, Jalmeister.  The drunken sarcasm of my old man seems to go back into the infinite regress of my mother's placenta.
Jalkratch: Are we going to permit subjective examples such as that to be counted as refutation?  
Bornquilvokitiv: It would work out nicely if they had the microwave in the rear of the 4th balcony on during the intermission so I wouldn't have to miss anything.
Addimen: What makes you think it's a tragedy?  I heard the playwright continues to explore their penchant for humor.
Jalkratch: Tragic humor.  Did you hear about that poor nurse who had her head taken off by that low flying plane this morning?
Bornquilvokitiv: Horrible.  Are you trying to sabotage my appetite?
Addimen: Was the head completely destroyed or did it get sent into the side of the low income apartments downtown or the express bus that goes through there?
Jalkratch: I read that it actually was knocked into the park and landed by the fountain.  Didn't even come to rest in the water.  Just found laying there upside down in the mud next to the bricks with graffiti on them.  
Addimen: Just not right.  

Insert on the next page had a misspelling that many would consider quite embarrassing.  Another place where a small group of people are having a deep laugh from down in the gut or coarse shrill words from high up in the neck and eyes that find it hard to remain in their sockets.  Just another place where either of those things could happen as coarse words have their way with the water that makes up over 70% of those who commit misspelling errors in an overly frequent percentage of the time the water stirred into a maelstrom that cycles a heavy load a heavy load of the lightheaded and heavy shouldered.

Addimen: What possessed you to invite all of us after all?
Bornquilvokitiv:  Possessed.  There you go using that word as well.  Possessed.  What if I asked you what possessed you to use the word "possessed" like Jalmeister?  
Addimen: I'd probably answer because I like the word or I felt like it or possess captures what I am trying to say.
Bornquilvokitiv: There you would be right on the money so to speak.  Possess not only captures what you are trying to say, but what I would think and utter in response.  I've lost not only my appetite for my mashed potatoes, but staying here to sit here in this theater being asked what possesses me.  It's like trying to drive down the street of this miserable town or any other town for that matter.  I can either stay in the lane I'm in or change lanes or drive off onto the shoulder.  If I try really hard to convince myself to stay on some kind of course or see the whole thing as a sham and want to fuck the whole thing I'm asked what possesses me either way?  Synopsis or ultrasound possessed with life.  Can't purge oneself of it.  Remaining in one's bed with the festering thoughts of what waits outside or smashing through a guardrail leads to the day after day recovery possessed with life as it mutates and grows more deformed screeching along the guardrail with its protective metal of the machine moving you along the gears from one part of the conveyance to the next prolonged by more guardrails screeching along to the next part of the conveyance to the next prolonged.

- Max Stoltenberg

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