Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Haven't heard from you in how long?  Where have you been?  Just a minute get with you in a bit and by a bit mean a bit as measured alongside something else that would remind one of a bit or as it is dumped into a bit-sized plastic bag or all over a tray with some neglected food some kidney and the all so enthralling cross-section aesthetic as it soaks in somewhat as much as it can the bit-sized volume of what was meant to slosh off from the tray.  Putting you off interrupting someone  who hasn't been heard from so rude serves you right to put you off shove your noise to the rear.  Your noise worse than a headache and gastrointestinal distress or pretty close your noise is certainly of a less refined sensation a sensation of pulling squeezing apart smashing passing between narrow thoughts so close together nothing passes just sits there as on a stool in fact point of fact sits there as a stool never much went in for humor need to lighten up lighten the load one at a time hear a couple more cross-talking can't make a word out of the mess.

"Talk talk talk it's back to back to back."
"Messed up you have when will you learn?"
"Back to talking behind our backs talking behind your back right to your face."
"Same useless jokes joking around can't joke it away here to face the music screeching along the strings of your hair."
"Menacing headaches super absorbent you are sea creatures multiplying inside the corners of the dark where blinds fly up and down headbanging wallpaper repeating itself row after row row row row yourself drag the bodies of body parts."

Don't bring up the body parts it did not happen recently or a long time ago.  The body parts can make them reassemble and watch them walk see they are fine stop mentioning the leaking nothing is coming out of them you pick the arm up didn't make it come off only thought about it for a brief moment every weekend for all those years to them at that school messing with stop the cross-talk can't make a word out spreading the word again knocking on every door in the neighborhood this door on the front the back the side backside raw with their hands see what happens their limbs don't just fall off get cut off never did that cutting sawing maybe ripping at the wrists good grip get a grip never did that can't get a confession will destroy this eventually can't flush the words this screen smeared their limbs fall off get cut off never did that will not admit to it only thought about it briefly every weekend all those years and occasionally a few weekdays alternating months throughout the years after that school blow the place up in thought only just briefly on weekends all those years weekends weren't as restful twitchy horizon vertically challenged what a mess this cross-talk adding more channels on top like talking corpses shouting out of their asses sheesh need to vomit lighten up could flush some of this extra chatter mounds of talking corpses shouting out of their asses sheesh need to vomit lighten up could flush when that still sense the light blue paint in that bathroom was mother there? was she there? chill goes through the back were those her fingers was it one of her hands patting gently on the back while it poured see something written in the murky bubbles yellow froth flattening in the toilet's surface as it sinks sentences rising to the top sinking and rising strings of words like hair that wraps around pipes and nerves as they knock on every door in the neighborhood knocking on every side of this head every inside of this head can't flush the headbanging wallpaper repeating itself row after row row row yourself drag bodies of body parts.  Who said anything about body parts and sharp cutting and heavy things to bludgeon with not these ideas not these words belong to you and him and her and everyone else in here except the screen that keeps dripping with these drippings from your mouths even though can't see them only hear what comes out of them and what they turn into body parts that can't fit in pipes only get trapped in nerves these your words have fused to these nerves working their bloody spread throughout the neighborhood knocking on every door knocking on every side of this head and every inside of this head the flusher rusted and caked with something dark and sticky stopped working can't flush rusted sticky flusher stopped working last night or the night before or the night before that before this after this is never over holding hands over ears just makes the knocking louder taking hands away lets you and all those talking corpses out to crawl around the outside and inside of this sphere softening caving in and your dismembered figures of speech somehow in your cleverness hold up the floorboards inside to allow with your sinister permission for the severed feet to clamber across and rumble eyes and jaw it stays open to let more visitors in the rusted flusher sticky sticking to these fingers armpits tongue sticky floorboards reinforced for more severed feet rumbling shaking across burned bridges bundled together rattling eyes and jaw who said anything about sharp objects and heavy things for bludgeoning bludgeoning your word their words the ones shoved in the back make it back to the center drilling their way out last night and the night before the screen smeared keeps scrolling awake in the sleep that delays death another day another door knocking they keep knocking on every door in the neighborhood every side of this head and every inside of this head letting more unwanted visitors in marching with their severed feet across the floorboards pushing out more sawdust squinting thoughts can't help choking thoughts choking pictures can't help no one to help they are all in here and who said anything about sawdust or saws or cutting off body parts their idea now these ideas fused and wrapped around these strings of thoughts like hair strung around pipes machines winding strings tightening their grip they won't let go tightening their grip reinforcing their support for those old floorboards soaked with vomit nothing flushed the rusted sticky flusher broken sticky floorboards stuck together reinforced for more visitors and their severed feet stomping across rattling jaw and eyes and the dark corners where blinds fly up and down with no slowing in sight.

- Max Stoltenberg

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